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Silvia Dabul is pianist and poet. She was born in Mendoza, Argentina. She graduated from the Facultad de Artes of the Universidad Nacional de Cuyo with a Bachelor in Music. Her work has been awarded with numerous prizes and distinctions. She has been fellow of Fondo Nacional de las Artes, Camerata Bariloche and Fundación Antorchas.


Dabul has performed as a soloist with orchestras such as Sinfónica de la Universidad Nacional de Cuyo, Sinfónica de Mar del Plata, Sinfonietta de la Fundación Omega, Sinfónica Provincial de Rosario, Sinfónica Provincial de Bahía Blanca, Sinfónica de Asunción (Paraguay), Sinfónica Nacional and Filarmónica del Teatro Colón. She is regularly included in the major cycles of contemporary music in her country, such CETC Teatro Colón, Centro Cultural Kirchner, Centro Nacional de la Música, Biblioteca Nacional, Colón Contemporáneo and Teatro San Martín.


She has participated in premieres and first performances offered in Argentina of numerous works, such as Makrokosmos II, III and IV of George Crumb, Klavierstück in sieben Sätzen of Michael Gielen, Concerto for piano four hands and orchestra of Carl Czerny, Three Pieces for Two Pianos of György Ligeti, American Fantasy and Dvojnik (world premiere) of Kim Helweg. She has also participated in the first auditions in his country of La ciudad ausente and Liederkreis of Gerardo Gandini, Adventures and New Adventures of Ligeti, Varieté of Kagel, Ballet Mechanique of George Antheil, Sainte Nitouche of Luis Naon, Coro of Berio, Le malentendu of Fabián Panisello, Hochzeitsvorbereitungen  of Oscar Strasnoy and many works dedicated to her and the various ensembles she integrates. She has also performed in Uruguay, Paraguay, South Africa, Germany and France.


Silvia Dabul performs regularly with the pianist Lucas Urdampilleta. Since 2008 she has a duet with the baritone Guillermo Anzorena.


She has recorded seven albums: two CDs with music for two pianos and piano four hands (Clásica), America Fantasy (Focus Recording, Denmark), the complete work of Kim Helweg for two pianos and percussion, Parajes (IRCO) with songs by Argentinean composers on texts by Dabul, Mélanges (l'Empreinte Digitale, France) with Guillermo Anzorena, 2 Pianists 2 Pianos (Testigo) and Inmaterial (Treinta pájaros) with Lucas Urdampilleta.


She carries out an intense teaching activity and has been part of the teaching staff of the Conservatorio Superior de Música Manuel de Falla and Astor Piazzolla of the City of Buenos Aires, the Superior Level of the ESEAM Esnaola, the University of Lanús and the Master's Degree in Latin American Music Interpretation of the UnCuyo.


As a poet, Dabul published Lo que se nombra (Ediciones en Danza, 2006). Cultivo de especias (Ediciones en Danza 2011) and La función de la marea (La gran Nilson 2022). Her poems have been published in the Argentinean magazines Diario de poesía and Hablar de poesía. For the last ten years she has been writing the Diario del otro lado, a mix of essay and poetry based on the world of dreams. She was included in several anthologies.


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